Choosing the right sharpening stone.

We believe that for every tool, that needs to be sharpened, a perfect whetstone exists. That’s why we want to do everything to help you to make the right choice. Therefore, you can make use of our ‘stone-selector’. Fill in what kind of tool you are using and automatically you will receive a selection of whetstones. You can contact us if you would like some more information. We will always be happy to be at your service.

Buying a product.

Step1: login to our website.

U can find the button to create an account in the right upper corner at our website. Fill in your name, email address and choose a password.

Step 2: Choose the product you would like to buy and put it in your basket. You will see an overview of all the products that are in your basket. It is now possible to add numbers to each product.

Step 3: If you agree to proceed with your purchase you can go to the next step. In this stage of the buying process you can fill in all your detail to prepare the invoice and shipping of your order.

Step 4: You will be redirected to a safe page to proceed with your payment. We accept MasterCard, Visa, PayPal or bank wire.

As soon as we received the payment we will prepare your order for shipping. You will receive a tracking number and url via email so you can trace your order as soon as it leaves our workshop.

We would like to wish you a happy visit to our website!

Safe pay.

We accept payments via MasterCard, VISA, PayPal and bankwire. The payment will take place via a secure platform from Ingenico or via our PayPal-account.


We ship all of our orders once a week on Friday via Bpost or UPS. As soon as your order leaves our workshop your will receive a tracking number and url so you can trace your order until it arrives at its destination.

Your order will be delivered at the address you provided via our website. In case no-one is able to receive the package at the day of delivery, a note will be left to let you know it is located in the nearest post office.

In case there are some problems with the delivery of your order, please let us know as soon as possible and contact our customer service so we can start up a procedure: 

Shipping costs :

Belgium 7 €

Netherlands France Germany Luxembourg 8 €

Rest of the EU 14 €

Outside the EU 25 €

Use and maintenance of your sharpening stone.

A Belgian Whetstone can be used a lifetime. If you use and maintain it properly it will even last longer. That’s why we suggest to follow these tips:

Use always and only water when sharpening your tool on the whetstone. Oil will fill up the top-layer with little pieces of dirt.

You don’t need to soak the stone for hours before using. Our natural sharpening stones are not porous. Water will not get through the stone.

We advice to let the stone dry after every time you use it. In case you use it to sharpen knives, you can also let the grinding paste dry on to the stone. It will enhance the sharpening process the next time.

After using this stone very intensively or after a very long time, your natural whetstones can show an irregular surface. We advice you to make the stone flat again by using sanding paper. For more information, you can visit the tutorial-section.


The Coticule and BBW are both 100% natural whetstones. Nature has created them with spots, lines and colour differentiation. The influence on the sharpening process is almost non-existing. The stone has no defects. In case you would like a stone with a perfect appearance we advice you to chose a ‘Selected’ whetstone. These stones are hand picked by our team.

Cracks in the stone are defaults. We always make sure to check each stone for such cracks before shipping. Changing temperature, humidity and shocks can cause cracks. If you happen to discover a crack after using your stone, you can contact us via email so we can search for a proper solution.

Artificial honing products are different then natural sharpening stones. The distribution of honing particles in our 100% natural whetstones is not always even. We strive to only produce sharpening stones with a balanced distribution of garnets. In case you doubt the sharpening capacities of your whetstone, please contact us. 

Contact us.

Send your questions to and we are always ready to answer them. We strive to answer each questions within 48hours but sometimes it can take longer. In case you have an urgent question please call +32(0) 80 418 295


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